HISTRIA MEDIC is a health centre that encompasses a wide spectrum of health services in one locations, including:
• A general medicine clinic and a tourist clinic
• Check up examinations
• Ultrasound diagnostics of the abdomen, urogenital system, thyroid gland, breasts
• Color Doppler of carotid and vertebral arteries, peripheral arteries and veins
• Clinic for breast’s (breast examinations, ultrasound imaging, cytological breast puncture)
• Urology (specialist checkup, consultations, ultrasound of the urogenital system, minor surgery procedures under local anaesthetic)
• Neurology (specialist checkup, consultations, Color Doppler of carotid and vertebral arterie)
• Dermatology (specialist checkup, consultations, dermato surgery under local anaesthetic, dermatoscopy, epicutaneous testing for inhalatory and nutritional allergens)

H&H Color Lab